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Tel. 022 827 54 11, E-mail: biuro@endorfinafoksal.pl

Endorfina Foksal

Endorfina is a restaurant that offers excellent food, all night entertainment in the club and the garden where everyone can stroll and forget that it is in the middle of a big city. Charming, prestigious and in the middle of Warsaw-that is the Foksal street. The Endorfina Restaurant, at The Zamoyski's Palace is a history which we can see, touch and taste.

The place brings unique atmosphere and delicious cousine.

Preparing sophisticated meals is an art and our Chef Adam Kowalczyk.

Cousine of Endorfina is a light, interesting composed dishes, a lot of herbs and vegetables in the company of wines from all around the world.

Our meals are prepared from high quality products from selected suppliers.

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